CM Punk Vs MJF Is Gold

Storytelling is a profound part of sports entertainment.

These two men are bringing the heat with their promos.

MJF is a mastermind when it comes to doing promos. He will push buttons and go to the ends of the earth to get a reaction from his opponents and the fans. He gets off on that.

Lately, MJF has been refering CM Punk as “PG” Punk. Clearly mocking the WWE and its PG Era.

CM Punk has only had a handful of matches in AEW and it hasn’t really been with top contenders. Its mostly been with jobber. A lot of people have had some sort of issue with that. They mostly say that AEw isn’t showing CM Punk’s potential.

Obviously he’s going to win every match if it’s only with jobber.

This is where the gold is!

CM Punk is slowly gaining momentum with beating these jobbers. It’s building up to MJF Vs CM Punk. CM Punk will “realize” that MJF is the guy he needs to beat to show that he still got it.

MJF has made remarks saying he hasn’t had any competition in AEW. True.

MJF obviously is the top contenders for CM Punk and it will of course bring the ruckus to CM Punk once they meet in the ring.

The storytelling here is just pure genius.

The more MJF calls out CM Punk and keep mocking him and calling him names the more he’s going to bring out that high-intensity CM Punk and we will soon see the CM Punk we all grew up with and probably more.

I love the slow-burn of the rivalry. I wouldn’t want them to just have a match right now (low-key maybe). This is what’s making us tune in to each AEW Dynamite episode to see what’s going to happen next.

Will CM Punk finally snap? Is he going to hold back? Will MJF actually strick CM Punk?

It’s an endless possibility really.

The question I’m asking now, which is the elephant in the room…

Who will win?

Will CM Punk be the veteran and put young talent over? Or will CM Punk get that “Legend” treatment and win the match.

The latter is interesting.

Regardless of the outcome. I know we will get an amazing match from both men.



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My name is Allan Reid. I’m a wrestling fanatic. I do a weekly podcast called Reid’s wrestling where I do reviews of weekly shows.